Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First let me apologize for not posting in a while. Since project 52 ended and the volunteers stopped coming we as a staff have been putting all our spare time into working at the Gathering Place. We have been doing anything from grout, concrete leveling, HVAC duct work, drywall and all kinds of projects in an effort to complete the building. This weekend we will be having a stucco party with our community to try to complete the outside of the building.
I was hoping that the end of January or even the beginning of February we would be able to start meeting inside the GP. Unfortunately after getting together our last punch list, it looks as though we are about $30,000 short to complete the building. So once again we are cinching our belts a little tighter and rolling up our sleeves as we work on what God puts before us. We have several little projects that will cost a couple thousand then a bunch of projects in the hundreds. So we are pulling together as a community and doing what we can to finish the construction. We will be doing everything from collecting cans for recycling to collecting spare change. We also will be looking for anything we can put our hands on to refurbish what we may be able to use for the final punch list.
Below is a list of everything that is needed if you are interested. Please keep us in your prayers as we wait on the Lord and obediently work as hard as we can for His will to be done. We know that this building will be opened in His time frame not ours, but we also know that apathy gets nothing done.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Grace and Peace,

Punch list:
Fire Alarm panel installation $3000
Carpet install $3000
Closet doors $2100
Restroom partitions $4000
drywall $500
Stucco $1000
Exterior Handrails $1000
Paint $1000
HVAC finish $6000
Exhaust fans $500
Thermostats and wire $400
Parking lot stripping $100
Large assembly room lights $500
Fire Suppression test $5500
Cove base $1000
MISC $2000

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