Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The kingdom of heaven is like. . .a man scattering seed upon the ground. Seeds. . .there's a lot that goes into them to actually produce something, right? Someone has to prepare the soil, there's a seed scatterer, a waterer, some sun shared, sometimes fertilizer, and not to mention the pruning and harvesting-whether it be by hand or machine.

Look at your life-can you see all of these things evident in it? Can you see how God orchestrated the entire process? I can in mine. I experienced the preparation-welcome or not at the time! Someone first planted that seed. Many, many people watered it and watched-waiting for so long to watch it grow! Through that whole process I had a small part, but after that first growth, the responsibility came. It was my turn to start planting seeds. At the same time, I had to allow someone to prune me-someone to hold me accountable and challenge me and humble me.

So as I go through that process, I still wait for that wind to blow, speaking where I need to scatter the seed, where I am to water or spread some sun, and also the people that I need to prune so that the harvest might be so much more.

Where are you? Are you allowing someone to prune you? That sounds pretty weird. Haha. But, are you? Is someone honest enough to help you pick off what is holding you back from growth and encourage you on? Is your spirit humble enough to accept this? Do you give God access to Yourself?

Are you scattering seed, watering, or pruning for someone else? Is there some place that God is calling you and you are hesitating?

Or is someone scattering seeds upon you or watering you? Ahhh. . .the struggle that each part brings, but the excitement and passion that it all brings!

The kingdom of heaven is like. . .