Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP oil spill

Two weeks ago Aaron and I went down the road to get our badges from St. Bernard Parish so we could participate in meeting with fisherman, police, fire and government officials to talk about whatever they are struggling with. We are a part of the St. Bernard Pastors Coalition where pastors from all over St. Bernard are working together to minister to those going through such a tough and life changing ordeal. It was an eerie feeling as we walked through groups of people getting our proper identification. I had the feeling of Katrina all over again. There were all of the same elements but just being used in a different capacity this time. You had Gov't, police, military, special response teams, non profits, but then you had boat captains, fisherman and crew. Many of which were saying such things like, "i would take Katrina again over this". Can you believe that?!? This event could eclipse the catastrophic event of Katrina and effect the lives of so many people here in St. Bernard Parish and we are right in the middle of it. Every week we meet with Captains and crew before they head out to attack the oil with boom and other elements to keep our shores clean. As you can see from the photos it is a challenge. Because of the recent hurricane winds and rain have kept our fleet of fisherman in the docks and off the water. I talked and prayed with many of them Tuesday morning and frustration and fear are welling up inside them. One Boat Captain from Alabama committed suicide last week. That is a real fear to many here in St. Bernard. Please Pray for us as we seek to minister to those whose lives have been drastically impacted by this disaster.

The Rain

You know its summer time in New Orleans when it rains almost everyday. We don't complain though since it helps bring down the temperature to help cool off what usually begins as a hot and humid day.
This week we began putting primer on the walls as we are preparing to start painting in just a few weeks. We are at that point of starting to see some of the light at the end of the tunnel. We do have a few big things that we are currently working on that need your prayer and possibly your assistance.
Our current list:
  • Roof insulation to be completed
  • Fire suppression plans to be completed and pipes to be arranged
  • HVAC duct work assembly and completion
  • Drop ceiling materials and installation
  • Interior doors/windows/outlets/base cove to be installed
  • Flooring? Tile vs. Stained concrete
  • Phone system and fire alarm
  • Glass front doors
  • Wheel chair ramp
  • Completion of stucco
These are most but not everything needed to complete the Gathering Place. Would you please join us in prayer as we move forward day by day using what God has given us. If there is anything above that you may be moved to help us with please give us a shout.